2018 SIMM exhibition

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SIMM is the largest professional exhibition in the field of manufacturing equipment in southern China with the highest technical content and the widest range of categories.

Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition takes intelligent manufacturing as the core of the display, focusing on individualized, digital, and intelligent overall solutions for different industries, comprehensively showing the latest technologies in the fields of mechanical manufacturing and metal processing such as intelligent equipment, automation applications, flexible production, and system integration , Highlighting the new characteristics of manufacturing in the era of intelligent manufacturing. Today, SIMM has developed into a comprehensive industrial exhibition centered on the three major theme exhibitions of Shenzhen International Machine Tool Show, Shenzhen International Robot and Factory Intelligent Exhibition, and Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition, covering metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, tools and Ten professional exhibition areas such as tools, industrial measurement, and automation applications.

There have three theme exhibitions

1)Shenzhen International Robotics & Smart Factory Exhibition

2)Shenzhen International Machine Tool Exhibition

3)Shenzhen International Industrial Supply Exhibition

Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition (ISE) is the first professional exhibition in China focusing on the high-end manufacturing field-precision parts processing business. The exhibition brought together a group of companies with overall advantages and competitiveness in the industry, and exhibitors were widely recognized by user companies for their "high quality, low cost, and short delivery time".

At the same time, the mold exhibition area in ISE brings together hundreds of the most representative mold manufacturing companies in China, presenting the latest technology of mold manufacturing in China on the same stage. The fast-growing fastener exhibition area focuses on the high-end manufacturing market in the region and showcases high-quality small fasteners. ISE has successfully built a professional platform for metal materials with the largest scale and influence in China, from Sweden, Germany, Japan, and the United States. Dozens of international steel groups from other countries participated in the exhibition, and our participation is also to show our precision parts in the mold parts industry, so that customers can know us more intuitively, and we will also invite customers to visit the factory and discuss cooperation Plan, work together to develop our business.